Venture Pacific Tools, Inc. dba PACIFIC BENDERS
A Revolution in Rebar Bending

Since 1998, Pacific Benders has been the leader in Portable Hydraulic Rebar Bending Tools. Invented by Jimmy Lee, a veteran ironworker based in Buena Park, California. From the beginning to the present day, the JIMMY line of tools have been manufactured in Orange County, California. Since the introduction of our line of tools, others have attempted to copy our concept but our original hydraulic design still proves to be the #1 choice of rebar placers and installers. The hands-free operational safety, the "all-hydraulic-mechanics" and the un-trappable design continue to set us apart from other benders. From #5 (16mm) to #11 (35mm) our standard rebar benders are built tough and ready for bending up to 180 degrees (CB9180). Dan Congelliere, the exclusive manufacturing partner since the introduction, is still the manufacturer and overseer of sales and distribution.