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PACIFIC BENDERS, is home to creative solutions for the concrete and rebar job site.  Our products have been solving rebar bending and straightening problems since 1998.   We welcome your requirement and will work with you and your specs to help find the right tool for you.  Save Time & Money on bar bending, straightening, splicing, welding and inspections.  The JIMMY Portable Hydraulic Rebar Benders are sure to be a quick return on investment!

The JIMMY LIne of PORTABLE Hydraulic Rebar Benders will bend or straighten rebar IN PLACE, on the jobsite from #5 (16mm) rebar up to #11 (35mm).  Select the bender that fits your application and save money - time - and effort.   Don't settle for Less than the JIMMY !

This is the original line of portable hydraulic rebar benders that created this tool category in 1998 and is now used around the world.  Our PATENTED features include a pull out pin so the JIMMY is not trappable after bending the rebar!  The durable design is built to stand up in the rugged workplace of concrete pours and iron-workers!

Rebar sizes the JIMMY Rebar Benders will bend or straighten:
#5 rebar  (16mm)   #6 rebar  (19mm)  #7 rebar (22mm)
#8 rebar  (25mm)   #9 rebar  (29mm)   #10 rebar (32mm)
#11 rebar  (35mm)

More 'details' .....  click on the JIMMY photo or watch a brief video clip by clicking on the icon below.

JIMMY Benders are Portable, Cost effective over bar-splicing, Easy to use, Quick, SAFETY focused and a Proven Return on Investment (ROI).